QWE2000 Tutorial C1

Mr. Alan Cameron Wills

"Component Architecture and Business Models"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The pace of change in business requires a very rapid software production cycle. The only way to meet rapidly changing requirements is to build software from an evolving kit of predefined components. The software architect must design an extensible family of products, not just a single application.

How do we specify and build such architectures? How do we assure reliability?

This session will provide a clear definition of component architecture as a framework for interoperable components. We will see how to use UML to define the interfaces between them, based on models of the business; and how to derive from these models unambiguous conformance tests for the components, as well as definitions of interoperation protocols (for example in XML).

The material is based on the Catalysis approach to CBD.

About the Speaker

Alan Cameron Wills has been a consultant in software development methods since 1990, working with clients in a wide variety of application areas, on both sides of the Atlantic. He is joint developer and author of the Catalysis approach to component based development. Dr Wills is Technical Director of Trireme International Ltd, a UK-based consultancy.