QWE2000 Vendor Technical Presentation VT9

Mr. Peter Sterck [Belgium]

The Challenge of e-business Testing

Key Points

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Presentation Abstract

If you want to make money in business, you have to comply with a set of rules. Three rules require special attention within the context of software testing an e-business solution. Present the benefit of the offering to the customer. Under all circumstances, this presentation must be KISS (keep it simple and stupid), in e-business it must be e-KISS, extremely - KISS. The challenge is usability.

The need for a smooth purchasing process. If you are confronted with a closed shop door or have to queue up longer than expected, you are inclined to look for alternatives. In e-business, the alternative is only one click away. The challenge is availability and performance of the site. Confidence in the transaction and the people involved. You do not give your money to anybody, you do not even accept money from everybody. With e-business you do not have a voice, a face or a reference to check. The challenge is security.

I know that you are already aware of these challenges, but what are you going to do to avoid making a (big) mistake? Having know-how and experience in each of the domains is too much luxury for most companies. Come and talk to us.

About the Speaker

Peter Sterck started his career at CMB, a worldwide shipping company, where he was responsible for the software that managed the container logistics. In 1992 and 1993, he acknowledged the extreme importance of software quality and joined Performance Software where he was a sales account manager. With the support of Performance Software he established his own company in1993. At first, the company concentrated on selling testing tools but soon experienced that tools should be used with a proper testing method. The method that was developed within the company was based on the V-model of Glenford Meyers. Since then, Peter Sterck has been responsible for the growth of ps_testware from 9 till 35 co-workers within 3 years. He is an acknowledged speaker when it comes to software testing. Together with companies such as Oracle, HP, Sybase, Mercury Interactive and Rational Software he increased the awareness of the need of Structured Software Testing during several seminars and conferences. Peter Sterck received his degree of Electronic Engineer in Leuven, Belgium, and his MBA in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.