QWE2000 Vendor Technical Presentation VT6

Panos Ntourntoufis [UK]
(UPSPRING Software, Inc.)

"An Automated Approach to Software Defect Prevention"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

A solution for dramatically reducing the number of defects in large C, C++ or Java applications is described. This solution has been implemented using a software Development Information System (DIS), and consists of two stages: 1) Existing Defect Identification identifies and fixes existing software defects early in the development cycle; 2) New Defect Prevention prevents new defects from entering the code base by enforcing coding standards through automated code reviews, and preventing code breakages by enabling accurate impact analysis.

About the Speaker

Dr Panos Ntourntoufis, Ph. D., D.I.C. - Greek National. Born and educated in Belgium. Degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium (1988). Joined the Neural Systems Engineering Laboratory at Imperial College London (1988-1992). Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London, University of London (1994). Appointed Research Fellow at Brunel University, England, to carry out Neural Systems research (1994-1995). C/C++ software development for Siemens-Plessey at Eurocontrol Maastricht, The Netherlands (1996). Joined Equifax Europe, in April 1996, to carry out R&D in the field of Hybrid Risk Assessment Systems. Was co-running the Equifax Europe New Technology Forum. Joined Software Emancipation Technology (1997) where he is currently a technical manager for Europe. Has collaborated with many large software development organizations, in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing and ISV sectors, to help them achieve greater levels of Productivity and Software Quality. Speaks French, English and Greek fluently.