QWE2000 Vendor Technical Presentation VT5

Mr. Alexander Malshakov & Mr. George St. Clare [Russia]
(Amphora Quality Technologies)

Optimizing Iteration Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Since the dawn of the Internet and e-business era software developers have been facing the problem of time pressure and human resources shortage. Traditionally a software product testing is conducted just before delivering to the customer so Testing departments of software development companies suffer the greatest stress. After all it considerably downgrades software quality. The employment of modern object-oriented SQA methodologies introducing software-testing phase at an earlier development stages improves software quality. In contrast to the standard “waterfall” process this class of methodologies is based on iterative approach to testing process with gradual widening of Test Cases range. However, large number of iterations creates counter problems: the necessity of additional personnel training, lack of automation and inflexibility of management. SQA Outsourcing is a good solution to this case that allows a software development company to make use of a highly professional SQA team and advanced automation tools. But test outsourcing procedure should meet the internal development cycle requirements and test iteration optimization is the key to outsourcing efficiency.

About the Speaker

Alexander Malshakov is co-founder and Managing director of Amphora Quality Technologies, the very first Russian private company that has become leading Russian SQA services provider since last year. Within 7 years he made career from a system programmer to General Development Manager of a bank automation system. Working for Diasoft Ltd. he was responsible for development of the most popular Russian bank automation system, that has had more then 600 installations by now. He has a number of publications devoted to software development process. Perceptions of necessity of profound approach to testing and quality assurance led him to the foundation of AQT Company. Alexander’s high weight among Russian software development community allowed him to team up highly professional and skilful specialists and managers. AQT is recognized as a reliable partner not only in Russia but also in the UK and the USA.