QWE2000 Vendor Technical Presentation VT3

Mr. David Walker [USA]

"Effective Requirements Management Using Caliber-RM"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

To support an object-oriented approach to requirements management, David Walker will demonstrate Caliber-RM, a collaborative, Web-based requirements management system from TBI that enables organizations to develop higher quality e-business and enterprise applications. By allowing all project stakeholders-including business analysts, product marketing, developers, testers and end users-to collaborate on project requirements, Caliber-RM helps organizations ensure that their applications will meet end-user needs. Caliber-RM facilitates communication among project teams, providing centralized requirement data to distributed team members and allowing documented discussions about requirements and projects. Through lifecycle traceability between requirements and related development and testing tools, project teams are able to understand the impact of potential requirement changes on the project scope, schedule and budget before the changes are accepted. When requirement changes are made, team members are kept up to date with automatic emails notifying responsible individuals of the changes. The demonstration will show how team members can quickly identify potential requirement problems, and manage scope creep through requirement versioning and project baselines. Those in attendance for this session will learn how to better control their requirements definition and management process to increase quality and meet expectations.

About the Speaker

David Walker, Manager, Worldwide Partner Engineering

In his role at Technology Builders, Inc., David Walker is integral in establishing presence and gaining market share for the TBI-Caliber products, with particular emphasis in European markets.

TBI's first Caliber-RM implementation consultant, David has improved IT initiatives at many Fortune 500 companies through implementation of requirements management methodologies combined with industry-leading automated tool support. He provides pre- and post-sales assistance and mentoring to account managers and customers. As a sales engineer for TBI, David has leveraged his communication and presentation proficiency in applying real world experience to solve prospects' real life challenges. David also is instrumental in ever-developing requirements management course curriculum for TBI's Learning Institute.

David's extensive background also encompasses project management, process re-engineering, tech courseware development, as well as experience in mortgage banking, investment management, and banking operations. David is a member of SEI and PMI.