QWE2000 Extra Session

Mr. Leif Balter [Sweden]
(Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)

"Create Your Own Testtool"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

With Excel you have the power to do almost anything. You don't have to buy it - everyone has it on the PC, you don't have to go to training classes - so many people already knows Excel. You can make VB macros, you can make graphs and reports and paste it into Word documents.

Comericial test tools have always had an attraction to me but after working in y last project surrounded by some Excel experts, I strongly recommend all Project Managers and Test Managers:

Check out the capabilities and possibilities with Excel before introducing any other Test Administration tool.

About the Speaker

Leif Balter has started as Cobol programmer 30 years ago. For the last 10 years he worked at Cap Gemini Sweden. Mostly as Test Manager or Project Manager. He has been deeply involved in building competence networks for software testing, writing articles and as teacher.