QWE2000 Keynote Session K1-1

Tom Gilb [Norway]
(Results Planning Limited)

The Ten Most Powerful Principles for Quality in Software Organizations

Presentation Abstract

Software knows it has a problem. Solutions abound. But which solutions work? What are the most fundamental underlying principles we can observe behind those successful solutions? Can these principles guide us to select successful solutions and avoid time wasters? One hint: in observing successful software organizations in the US, the dominant principle seems to be feedback and control.

About the Speaker

Tom Gilb is an independent consultant, teacher and author. He works mainly in UK, Europe and North America. He is resident in Norway.

Tom coined the term 'Software Metrics' with the publication of his book of the same name in 1976 (European edition) and 1977 (USA edition). This work is the acknowledged (by R. Radice and W. Humphrey) as inspiration for much of the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Level 4 (SEI CMM Level 4). His other books include Principles of Software Engineering Management (1988, now in 13th printing) and Software Inspection (1993 with Dorothy Graham). His main professional interest is the development of powerful Systems Engineering methods (covering Requirements, Design, Quality Control and Project Management)