QWE2000 Session 9M

Dr. Esther Pearson [USA]
(Genuity Corporation)

"Website Operational Acceptance Testing; Process Assessment and Improvement"

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Key Points

Presentation Abstract

It is customer expectations that a website would remain up and running on a 24x7and 365 days per year basis. The Internet does not open at 9am and shutdown at 5pm Monday through Friday and stay closed on weekends. It is used as a tool for buying and selling of goods and services, research of information, communication and entertainment every day and every hour.

With this in mind, one of the most critical aspects of testing a website before it is deployed live is website "Operational Acceptance Testing". This testing provide a high-level of assurance that websites can be provisioned and deployed live in a systematic manner. This systemic process ensures efficient and effective provisioning of one or a thousand servers and greater probability of 24x7 and 365 days up time of customer servers and web presence once deployed live.

This presentation will explore the test efforts needed by Internet Service Providers (ISP's). The efforts must include not only functionality testing of software integration but include Operational Acceptance Testing.

About the Speaker

Dr. Esther Pearson is the Director of Quality Assurance and Test for Genuity Corporation. In her role as director, she manages a group of engineers which test web applications in an Internet web hosting environment. Dr. Pearson has worked in the computer, network and Internet industries for over 20 years.