QWE2000 Session 9A

Dasha Klyachko [UK]
(Allied Testing)

"Specifics of E-Testing: Difference Between Traditional and On-Line Software Development and Its Effect on Testing (9A)"

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Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This paper first reviews the difference between the software development process for the traditional and on-line applications found through the series of interviews with web developers and development managers. It then suggests the consequent changes in the testing process and outlines several new features of e-testing.

The theoretical framework is based on the analysis of the system life-cycle (SLC) (Yourdon, 1989, Clarke, 1997) and its modifications influenced by the changing business needs, effects of globalisation and standardisation of underlying technologies. The consequent conclusions about changes in the testing process is based on the author's work experience and interactions with the colleagues in the industry.

The paper might be of interest to the practitioners planning and executing testing of on-line applications.

About the Speaker

Dasha Klyachko
Dasha is doing her PhD at the London School of Economics. Her academic research concentrats on Outsourcing in the IT industry (E-commerce in particular). Research interests include web certification methodologies and specifics of the development and testing for on-line applications. 
Dasha also is a founder and a managing director of Allied Testing - an outsourcing company specialising in on-line testing of Internet-based applications. Prior to founding Allied Testing, Dasha spent most of her career in California as a software testers/developor and system analyst.
Dasha lives in London, married, has a daughter.