QWE2000 Session 8T

Tobias Mayer [USA]
(eValid, Inc.)

Browser-Based WebSite Testing Technology

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Because 99%+ of Websites (html, etc. pages) are viewed from a Browser the 'Browser-Based Website Testing' approach is recommended as the best way of testing a Website. This approach allows the Tester to view (and examine) a website exactly as a User will view it. The User is the essential ingredient in the whole Website/Viewer algorithm. Without the user, the Website has no useful purpose - Full Stop! Other approaches offer only partial solutions to the Website Testing problem. The Browser-based approach offers a full solution. This talk will promote 'Browser-based' technology and offer demonstrations of its practical application.

About the Speaker

Tobias Mayer is a senior software engineer at Software Research, Inc. He is reponsible for the main design and implementation of the "eValid" Web Test engine. Tobias has a (UK) BSc from South Bank University, London. He is a member of, and OO Metrics consultant to, the Center for Systems & Software Engineering (CSSE) at South Bank University. Tobias has presented and published a number of papers on OO metrics, including papers at IEEE 'TOOLS' 1999 and British Computer Society 'SQM' 1999. During this year, Tobias has presented a number of seminars on Website Testing strategies in the UK. He also presented the "Quickstart - Website Testing" seminar at the 'Quality Week 2000' conference in San Francisco, June 2000.