QWE2000 Session 8A

Mr. Gunthard Anderer [Germany]
(CMG ORGA - Team GmgH)

"Testing E-Commerce Systems - Requirements And Solutions (8A)"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

E-Commerce systems require higher quality and permanent monitoring. In this paper the requirements are shown and an architecture for an automated testing - and monitoring environment for e-commerce systems (including internet -, legacy- and third party - applications) is proposed.

About the Speaker

Gunthard Anderer, Dipl.-Math., born 1951 in Nürnberg. Studied Mathematics and Physics at University Erlangen - Nürnberg and Technical University München. Works since 1978 as Systems Analyst, Project Manager and specialist for methods and tools of software development. Since 1997 consultant at CMG, specialised in project management and consulting for CMG's TestFRAME ® testing methodology.