QWE2000 Session 7A

Ms. Jill Pritchet & Mr. Ian Lawthers [Ireland]
(Centre for Software Engineering)

"Software Process Improvement for Small Organizations using the "SPIRE" Approach"

Full Technical Paper in QWE2000 CD-ROM

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Shows how a focussed, pragmatic approach to process assessment and improvement has yielded real benefits to a number of small to medium sized companies involved in developing software in four European countries.

The paper describes the Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe (SPIRE ) project. SPIRE was a project funded through the European Systems and Software Initiative (ESSI), which started in March 1997 and ran for two years. SPIRE's objectives were to lower the barriers preventing Small Software Developers (SSD s - companies/departments of companies with fifty or fewer software staff) from successful participation in SPI by:

- raising awareness of SPI benefits among decision makers and change agents in SSDs

- educating participating SSD managers and staff in practical SPI skills

- helping SSDs to maintain momentum in carrying through their improvement plans

The SPIRE project used the SPIRE Approach, a low cost way to help small software companies to implement their first SPI projects efficiently. The paper will explain what the SPIRE Approach is, and how it was used in the project.

About the Speaker

Jill Pritchet is a Senior Consultant at the Centre for Software Engineering in Dublin, Ireland. She is responsible for promoting Software Process Improvement and Quality in Irish Software Companies through awareness and training programmes, consultancy support and relevant European programmes. She is also the Project Manager for the Software Process Improvement in Regions of Europe (SPIRE) project.