QWE2000 Session 3M

Mr. Kees Hopman [Netherlands]
(IQUIP Informatica BV)

"How to Implement New Technologies? Four Proven Cornerstones for Effective Improvements"

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Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The presentation deals with the challenges an organisation encounters during a change programme such as the implementation of a new process or new technology. New promising technologies are adopted successfully in one organisation, whilst others still suffer. It's often not the technology that fails but the ability of an organisation to transfer that technology.

Organisations can succeed such implementations by applying four cornerstones for improvements. These cornerstones are:
1. Customer Focus. Focus on your customer: what "improvement" can really help you to make quality products?
2. Sandwich Paradigm. Use both top-down and bottom-up approach: the whole organisation participates.
3. Four Complementary Tracks. Four complementary tracks: blend culture, instrumentation, assurance and fast results.
4. Goal Tracking. Validate your implementation regularly.

The key thing is to balance the four cornerstones in the improvement programme. The Cornerstone Application Matrix (CAM) supports organisations in getting overview and insight to balance their improvement programme.

This presentation describes the characteristics of technology transfer, the four cornerstones and their application. It has been larded and it concludes with work experiences that cover the results of applying the cornerstones.

About the Speaker

Kees Hopman has been active as an IT consultant and improvement consultant since 1987. The last 7 years he has been involved in improvement programmes either as the project leader or as a consultant. The Business Areas have been Banking, Insurance and Telecom.
Kees is an employee of Software Control Quality Care, the unit of IQUIP Informatica B.V. that provides services in the area of quality improvement and quality assurance for processes, projects and products.
In his work Kees has become an advocate of the improvement approach which blends both the instrumental side and the cultural (or human) side of improvement. Kees is also member of the national competence group "Strategies for Software Process Improvement" of the Dutch Software Process Improvement Network "SPIder" (Stichting SPIder) .