QWE2000 Session 2M

Mr. Kie Liang Tan [Netherlands]
(CMG TestFrame Finance)

"How To Manage Outsourcing Of Test Activities"

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Key Points

Presentation Abstract

"Outsourcing" is a process in which a company transfers all or part of one of its departments to an outside vendor who then handles the company's affairs for a price that is spelled out in the outsourcing contract.

Test Managed Services (TMS) is a method to managed test activities, which is out sourced by a company to the vendor (is called the TMS service-center).

The test activities are:
* Managing the testware (test scripts, test cases, test database and documentation),
* Managing the test environment (test infra-structure, i.e.: hardware, software, test tools),
* Test preparation, execution and reporting
* Support in test consultancy

In this paper we describe various outsourcing projects to managed services related to the maintenance of application software and the test activities. The test managed services is an important part of the software development and verification process to ensure for good quality and good time-to-market of the application software.

The author will present the method to prepare, implement and execute this Test Managed Services.

About the Speaker

The author has studied (1971 - 1977) in the Technical University of Delft as Electrical Engineer with field of specification Information Technology and Data Communication. The author has more than 20 years experience in ICT (Information Communication Technology) in different area's, i.e: Telecommunication, Medical Systems, Space Systems and Finance. The authors has significant experience in the area of test and verification coordination and management. The author has joined CMG since 1998 and worked in the Division Testmanagement & consultancy as senior management consultant.