QWE2000 Session 12T

Mr. Sanjay DasGupta & Indrajit Sanyal [INDIA]
(Usha Communications Technology)

"A Java-XML Integration for Automated Testing (12T)"

Full Technical Paper in QWE2000 CD-ROM

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The proposed paper describes an unusual application of XML: to represent and run test scripts for software written in Java. There are two aspects to this: an XML convention (enshrined in a DTD) for the representation of program scripts, and a Java executable (archive) that can interpret them. The archive can be used with (or to build) a test harness that performs tests automatically. The scripts and matching run-time functionality are capable of representing ˘how÷ something is done with flexibility comparable to any 3 rd generation language (specifically Java). The proposed paper describes capabilities and design of the Jeeves system and highlights its applicability in the automated testing arena. It includes a short tutorial and describes scenarios to illustrate the advantages of using it.

About the Speaker

Mr. DasGupta is a consultant in the Engineering department of Usha Communications Technology, playing the role of Chief Architect for the product development, and is located in companyĂs R&D facility in Calcutta, India. With more than 15 years of experience in software development prior to joining Usha Comm, he was Product Director for Enterprise Management products with a Computer AssociatesĂ subsidiary in India. Mr. DasGupta also held different strategic positions in several international software companies in India and Europe. Mr. DasGupta holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and a MS degree in Software Systems.

Indrajit Sanyal is a Group Manager in Engineering department of Usha Communications Technology and is located in companyĂs office in Calcutta, India. In this role Mr. Sanyal overlooks internet and web oriented strategic development projects. He has been involved with software design and development for telecommunications, simulation and graphics, and industrial automation for over 8 years. He earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, India.