QWE2000 Session 11T

Mr. Richard Kasperowski & Mr. Spencer Marks [USA]
(Altisimo Computing)

"Building Better Java Applications"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

While helping our clients build Java-based applications, we have learned practices and methodologies that result in successful projects. We will share the ingredients we consider most important in building better Java applications.

By "better" we mean that an application meets the sponsorĘs requirements, is flexible, and is delivered on time, all in an environment where change is constant and must be embraced rather than eschewed. The characteristics of a flexible application include ease of changing its feature set while under development, and extensibility and ease of maintenance after initial delivery. In addition, better Java applications encourage pleasant work environments.

Through our experience, we have recognized a specific set of best practices and methodologies that have helped us build better Java applications. Each best practice is a small scale, concrete procedure to follow while designing or implementing an application. In contrast, the methodologies are project-scope concepts that can be practiced in more than one way. In general, best practices are Java-specific, while methodologies may be language-neutral.

The majority of the presentation will describe each of the best practices and methodologies with which we have had success. Drawing from our experience, we will give a detailed description of each best practice and methodology, from both a theoretical and implementation-specific point of view.

About the Speaker

Richard Kasperowski is president of Altisimo Computing, a software development consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Richard has worked as tester, developer, manager, and consultant since 1988. He has a degree from Harvard University, is a member of the ACM, and usually cycles to his clientsĘ offices.

Spencer Marks is an independent software development consultant who has helped clients such as Apple Computer, Digital, Lotus, Symantec, and GTE design, code, and improve the quality of their products since 1989. For the past three years, he has focused exclusively on the Java language and related technologies such as XML. Spencer holds a bachelorĘs degree from Skidmore College and a masterĘs degree from Clark University.

Richard and Spencer have worked together on several projects since they were first introduced in 1988. Most recently they helped a major telephone company roll out a Java-based web application that allowed customers to view and pay their phone bills. Currently they are building the back-end and presentations layers to showcase an innovative new search engine technology.