QWE2000 Session 11I

Mr. Bob Bartlett [UK]
(SIM Group Limited.)

"Experience Testing E-commerce Systems (11I)"

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The format of the presentation will be a tutorial based on class studies and actual experiences of the author. Results, observations and recommendations will be put forward. The audience will come away with a good understanding of the kind of approaches required to test industrial strength eBusiness solutions.

About the Speaker

Bob is the Chairman of SIM Group Ltd. SIM specializes in Software Testing and has put in place a number of highly efficient testing systems that automatically test sophisticated and mission critical software systems. SIM is the UK leader in Providing efficient solutions for software testing. SIM's work has had a profound impact on the way companies approach testing and improvements to testing have been realized with SIM's help. Bob has over 30 years of software experience using automated testing techniques. He is the Executive Director and Chairman of Software testing specialist company today. He is also a member of the CSSA executive council and has designed, developed and sold automated testing tools. Bob, a manager of major software development and implementation projects, is a test adviser to some of the largest testing projects taking place in U.K. Bob has Trained and lectured in automated testing and software testing techniques,has a track record for substantial reductions in time and cost to test, and successfully managed the growth of start up companies throughout his career.