Mr. Harry Sneed


Harry Sneed graduated from the University of Maryland with a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Information Sciences in 1969. His work has been as a Programmer/Analyst at the U.S. Navy Department, as a Programmer and Instructor at the Volkswagen Foundation, as a Systemsprogrammer and Project Leader at Siemens, as an independent Test Consultant, as a Software Laboratory Leader for the SZAMOK and SZKI Institutes in Hungary, as a Reengineering Project Leader at the Union Bank of Switzerland, as the manager of a German Software House, and as an ESPRIT Research Consultant in Italy and England. Currently, he is working as a tool developer for an Austrian Software House developing OO-Software for banks in Vienna.

Harry Sneed has published more than 100 technical articles both in English and German Computer Science Journals and proceedings, in addition to 11 books in Germany, including two on testing. His latest book on Object- Oriented Testing will appear this year with Addison & Wesley. His last book on Object-Oriented Software Migration appeared last year with the same publishing company. In addition to his publishing work, Sneed has developed more than 50 different Software Engineering Tools for maintenance, project calculation, software measurement, software testing, software reverse & -reengineering, software design and software auditing. He is currently in the program committees of the International Conference on Software Maintenance, the IEEE Workshop on Reverse Engineering, the IEEE Workshop on Program Comprehension, and the European Conference on Maintenance and Reengineering. His main interests are in Software-Metrics, -Maintenance, -Migration and -Test. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM.