Mr. Henk Sanders



Henk Sanders received a Teaching Degree in Mathematics from University of Leiden, Holland. Currently he is an associate director for CMG, participating and advising in the development of CMG's structured testing method TestFrame, and provides sales support for management consultancy services on testing and TestFrame in Hollnd, Belgium and France, as well as project support and project management. Mr. Sanders is an Advisor of the CMG courses "Test Specification Techniques", "TestFrame General", "TestFrame Analysis" and "TestFrame Testmanagement". He previously worked as senior management consultant, responsible for and participating in product development of TestFrame, and performed sales support, project support, project management and teaching in Holland, Germany and UK. He was the teacher and developer of the CMG courses "TestFrame General", "TestFrame Analysis" and "TestFrame Testmanagement". At Rabobank Netherlands, from 1996 to 1997 he provided management support and project management of TestFrame and QA projects, test consultance, and test management of the large scale automated implementation of a Platform Acceptance Test for local banks with several thousands of end-users. He worked from 1994 to 1996 at SVB as management consultant responsible as developer, technical lead, and project lead for projects on child allowance and penstions. He also worked as a consultant on testing, testautomation, technical infrastructure, software inspection, rapid application development and ITIL-services. From 1987 to 1994, Mr. Sanders worked at CAP Gemini as a consultant responsible as developer, technical lead, and project lead for projects in environments of banking and social security, and did consultancy on testing and technical infrastructure. He was teacher and developer of SVB Internal courses on technical infrastructure, and was teacher of CAP Gemini courses on structured programming and testing. From 1980 to 1987, he was a teacher of mathematics at Dalton College, The Hague.

Mr. Sanders publications include "Automatisch testen helpt bij conversie en euro" (Computable 30 mei 1997, pp. 37-39) with H. Buwalda and A.J. Kok, and CMG Handbook on TestFrame, 1997, 322 pages. He participated on the publications TestFrame: Vision on Testing with A.J. Kok and J.W. de Gruijter, 1998, 64 pages, and "Efficient en flexibel testen", (Computable, 23 mei 1997, pp 44-48).