Mr. Adrian Cowderoy


Adrian Cowderoy is currently Managing Director of the Multimedia House of Quality Ltd. He is the General chair of ESCOM-SCOPE-99 and ESCOM-ENCRESS-98 conferences. He was Program chair for EXCOM 96 and 97, and he was the founder of EXCOM Conference Ltd (1997), was managing director until April 1999, and currently serves as new business director. Mr. Cowderoy was on the Programme committee of IEEE METRICS-98 and IEEE METRICS-99 []. He has been on the Program Committee of the annual COCOMO/SCM conference since 1996. He is also a registered expert to the European Commission DGXIII.

He is a visiting lecturer at City University, London, and is responsible for the course "project management for systems development". He is also currently a visiting academic at Middlesex University, in management information systems, and is a researcher in electronic commerce and intelligent tutoring, at Imperial College, London.

His previous appointments include: Project Manager of MultiSpace (project EP23066 under the European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology, which has a budget of approximately 1.1 million US dollars. He was a Research fellow at City University from 1990-1998, and a Research Associate at Imperial College from 1986-1989. Topics included project management, cost estimation, metrics, risk management and quality evaluation. He lectured in project management to City University, since 1995, and in industrial training on risk management and cost estimation to the aerospace and medical industries in the UK, Germany and Italy since 1995. He did independent training and consultancy since 1995, and is the creator of the Goal Risk Tool. He was also a Quality Consultant (and software developer) at International Computers Limited, UK, from 1979-1985, where he worked on VME/B CADES, DRS20 and 300 series operating systems and networking.

His academic qualifications include: an MSc in Management Science from Imperial College, University of London in 1986. There he was a member of the Association of MBA's. He received a BSc in Physics with Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1979.

Mr. Cowderoy was joint editor of Project Control for 2000 and Beyond (Elsevier, 1998), and Project Control for Software Quality (Elsevier, 1999. He wrote "Opportunity-driven control of quality and cost" with Mario Bucolo and Fred Schindler, in Project Control for Software Quality (Elsevier 1999). He wrote "A metrics framework for multimedia creation" with A.J.M. Donaldson and J.O. Jenkins at IEEE Metrics 1998, Maryland, USA, and "Towards multimedia systems quality" with John Donaldson in Achieving Software Product Quality (UTN Publishers, 1998).