Golden Gate Bridge
13th International Software  /  Internet Quality Week
Conference Theme:
New Century, New Beginnings

San Francisco, California USA
30 May 2000 - 2 June 2000


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CONFERENCE THEME: New Century, New Beginnings
The celebrations are over -- it really is 2000!! A new century clearly begs for new beginnings. We need answers to critical questions: What are the software quality issues for 2000 and beyond? What about Quality on the Internet? What about embedded system Quality? What about E-Commerce Quality? Where do the biggest Quality problems arise? What new Quality approaches and techniques will be needed most?

The QW2000 theme, "New Century, New Beginnings" will bring focus on the future of software quality with a careful, honest look at the recent past, and a future-oriented view of the coming decades.

The mission of the QW2000 conference is to increase awareness of the importance of Software Quality and the methods used to achieve it. It seeks to promote Software Quality by providing technological education and opportunities for information and exchange of experience within the software community.

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